I’m Loving Others- AnD- Am I Really Loving Me?


Loving On Others

Often, we are busy loving “on” others by constantly adding support and value to their lives. We love on our kids because that’s not only our “sweet” wish but our loyal God given duty. We love on our significant others because they are our mates and of-course, we feel positioned to love, honor and defend them- they are the juice to our un-lonely hearts! We love on our friends as “we” know the true meaning of friendship but sometimes we may feel the mutual feelings aren’t always returned. We love on our extended family or relatives because they’re blood born and of kindred spirits.  We love on great people we meet or know due to the value they give and spread to others.

I Love ME

Are You Loving Yourself?

Now, here’s the question of the day…Are we loving on OurSelves?  

If you have your love relations in total harmony including first….YourSelf….then Congrats!


However, if you are putting everyone first and have lost yourself within those powerful zones of love…then I hope these tips are helpful to you:


Create The Moments!

Create moments out of each day to steal away and have a time of meditation and peace. If you are a morning person, you may set your alarm to wake a hour before anyone else and grab your favorite warm/cool drink and read the good book, read positive affirmations that will enrich your spirit throughout the entire day.

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Make a “Love Appointment” for yourself,  Appoint time to get a beautiful hairstyle, a nice manicure, pedicure, facial, make a fashion statement that makes you smile (you can even have a buddy do this for you totally free or somethings simply do yourself)… Take a relaxing beauty bath and savor the moments, take a refreshing nap afterward and post a “do not disturb; unless emergency” sign on your door…LoL.

If you don’t like reading, listen to motivational audios or select a series of empowering songs that expresses “loving self”, etc…On the weekend or even through the week , create a  “Me Date” take yourself out! Yes….Take the evening off and take yourself out on a date!

tumblr_nc2smfXhFL1qasnrqo1_250Dress up…you know, just “Do You”…Take yourself out to dinner alone, go watch a movie you’ve been wanting to see. If the weather allows, take a stroll through a beautiful park, take a nature walk and smile as you enjoy the little simple things in life that you have denied yourself from enjoying.

download (1)Take yourself on a mini escapade, take a “clear your mind” stroll or if you drive a car -gas up, jump in and drive miles and miles away from your starting point but keep it peaceful and fun; Remember, to alert a trusted source of your plan for safety reasons..however, keep it all about doing you.

Take a trip to your local library and sit in the “quiet” room…write down your plans and goals/ the action you will take…As you set out to start loving you!  Smile, and be happy that you have decided to change your mindset, rejoice and enjoy the rest of your day/eve!



If any of the tips work, repeat them on the regular and brain storm other ways to create the love for yourself.  If you yet feel mentally stubborn, it could be deeper set, than you think. You might actually need professional help; It is important that we learn how to love ourselves.

Seek Help

There are ways to seek help if needed: You may chat with a spiritual leader, chat with a concerned/trusted individual. You may even Google search any questions/topics of concern…There are tons of people who are going through the same thing and have shared their tips and great advice on the internet. There are even great websites and blogs to follow as well.

LOVE ON The Beach Self Love

My wish for everyone, is to love yourself and don’t worry as the love for others will be better impacted. Sometimes, we love so hard and this may sound strange but it’s true in some cases, the love is not returned- Instead some people in life may make you feel that your love is pain..in their eyes.  Isn’t that sad…But I hope to cover this on my next post. For now let’s discuss ways to love ourselves!

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“News-Flash”…Loving Yourself Is “No Way” Selfish

There is no way loving yourself should be viewed somewhat as selfish and self centered..Why?  Because before you are capable of genuinely loving others; You will have to master the power to love yourself in every aspect.  There is absolutely no “if’s ands and buts…about this…You must condition your heart and mind to accept all your imperfections as well as perfections. You must never doubt your aim, goals nor abilities.  You will find that loving yourself is one of the most powerful essentials to execute, if you are to grace your love and beauty upon others. For the powerful appreciation and love, that shines bright from your heart will activate all dark pathways to shine as well. As a result you will feel the impact of a meaningful and abundantly prosperous life. So take away, the major point here, that “Loving Yourself Is in…No Way Selfish”.  Remember this and… Allow yourself daily to wear “your” crown of beauty.

Lov Yrself